6 social media updates you need to know during the Coronavirus pandemic

6 social media updates you need to know during the Coronavirus pandemic

As the Coronavirus pandemic is making us all spend even more time scrolling through our social media feeds, social media platforms have launched a number of updates to help to keep us all connected. Here’s a round up of some of the latest changes that could help to support your social media activity during these uncertain times.

Facebook ads see lower CPC

While the world combats the spread of Covid-19, Facebook is reportedly seeing many companies pausing their advertising budgets due to the current economic uncertainty. This has led to a decline in CPC (cost-per-click) across the globe by as much as 50%. So, if you’ve been considering pressing pause on your own social media advertising, think again and make the most of the lower CPC rates to get a better return on your investment.

Instagram is rolling out IGTV ads

Instagram is planning to compete with YouTube by selling ads in IGTV, it’s home for longer-form video content. Instagram has started to reach out to its top video creators to partner on tests of the ads, with testing due to start this spring. Creators in the ad test program will receive a 55% share of the ad revenue generated by their content.

LinkedIn introduces Conversation Ads

LinkedIn Conversation Ads

As LinkedIn are seeing more people use their messaging platform for one-to-one conversations, the social network is rolling out a new ad format to take advantage of this. The new Conversation Ads format will allow businesses to interact with prospects through messaging, that builds on LinkedIn’s current Message Ads format. The new format will allow advertisers to create ‘full-funnel campaigns’ that include customised calls to action and help you to deliver personalised content to each customer.

Facebook Small Business Grants Program

Facebook has announced that it is offering £100 million in financial support, in the form of cash grants and ad credits, for small businesses impacted by Covid-19. Up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in over 30 countries where Facebook operates will be supported. Applications are expected to open in the coming weeks and businesses can sign up to receive more information here once it becomes available.

Instagram introduces ‘Stay Home’ sticker

To encourage users to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic, Instagram has launched the ‘Stay Home’ story sticker and shared story. Users can add the sticker to their Instagram Stories to show others how they are occupying themselves while social distancing. Any stories with the sticker will be added to a shared story which allows other users to view all of the ‘Stay Home’ stories in one place.

New features for Facebook Live

With many turning to live streaming to communicate throughout the current situation, Facebook is launching a number of new features to make Facebook Live more accessible and easier to use. New features include automatic closed-captioning, an audio-only mode and a logged-out mode.

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