Alice’s industry insights: my first month at Brookes & Co

Alice’s industry insights: my first month at Brookes & Co
It’s been a little over a month since I joined Brookes & Co as a Junior Account Executive and my goodness has it been a busy few weeks! I’ve been well and truly getting stuck in and thought it was about time I gave you an update on how I’ve been getting on. So make yourself a brew and prepare to be enlightened on the wonderful world of Brookes & Co and a few of my industry insights.

Life at Brookes & Co

Coming to Brookes & Co after over a year in a marketing agency dedicated solely to the legal sector, I was hopeful that this change of industry would bring a little more excitement than the world of probate and procurement law. Let me tell you, Brookes & Co certainly exceeded my expectations. I have loved being thrown into the wonderful world of the home and garden sector; there is so much variety in what I could be working on that you can guarantee that no two days are the same. One day I could be writing a blog on the latest homeware trends, the next a press release on which decorative fence panel is right for your garden. Then another day I might be off to an outdoor living exhibition – Brookes certainly knows how to keep a girl on her toes!

The first thing you notice about working at Brookes & Co is what a fun and friendly environment the team create here. I could not be working with a more helpful and uplifting team. The busy environment of PR and marketing can be stressful at times but there is always something going on at Brookes to break up the day. Whether it be tea rounds (of which there are many, this team loves tea!), Kate being challenged to bring in the first Wednesday Bake Off cake, Tiff & Sam heading out for a lunchtime jog or the regular supply of cream cakes that Caroline is fattening us up with, there is always something going on to put a smile on your face.

Industry insights

You’ve had my insights into life at Brookes but I’m sure you’re dying to hear what I’ve learnt in my first month in the home and garden industry. So here are some of my initial impressions:

The industry is on the up!

My first month has given me the opportunity to read up on the latest industry insights from Mintel and trend forecasters Scarlet Opus so I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt. Luckily for us the market for garden products is buoyant, being helped by the recent trend for outdoor living and the garden having positive associations for most shoppers. At the same time, interior design is looking to the garden for inspiration, with trend forecasters predicting that we will be transforming our living rooms into a botanical oasis. And while the older generations enjoy gardening as a pastime, the younger generations are enjoying their gardens as well, using them for eating and leisure.

It’s all about exhibitions

We’re already putting plans together for our clients who will be exhibiting at GLEE later this year and last week I was lucky enough to get my first taste of industry exhibitions at Solex. It was great to see a showcase of the best garden products in the business and get a feel for the importance of exhibitions for this industry. Plus, I now know exactly where to go when I need a new barbeque or garden furniture!

Get millennials gardening

Jumping on the trend of everyone getting their two cents in on the mysterious behaviour of millennials, Monty Don seems to think that there is no point trying to get millennials into gardening. However, everything I’ve learned in my time at Brookes & Co so far has indicated that this is far from the case! While millennials might not be gardening in the more traditional sense, they are embracing it in their own ways. As many millennials are part of the rental market, many do not have their own gardens. But this does not stop them wanting to make the most of any outdoor space they have, turning balconies into makeshift gardens. And with the rise of millennial healthy eating bloggers, more and more young people seem keen to grow their own which could explain the emergence of trendy hydroponics sets in IKEA. Not only that, myself and Tiff, the two resident millennials at Brookes & Co, both enjoy getting out into the garden – Tiff has been gardening with her VegTrug and I’ve been growing an abundance of basil in the greenhouse. So don’t write us millennials off just yet, Monty!

My first month has without a doubt been one of the most fun and informative of my career so far and I’m excited to continue to make the most of every experience Brookes throws my way. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to keep you all updated on the blog!

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