Brookes & Co keeps Grange on trend

Brookes & Co keeps Grange on trend

Here at Brookes, we like to make sure we’ve always got our finger on the pulse when it comes to industry trends. Whether through visiting exhibitions, keeping up to date with trend forecasting, and accessing the latest market intelligence from the likes of Mintel, we make sure we’re always up to speed so we can offer our clients informed marketing advice and design strategies.

Last year we learnt from Mintel the importance for retailers to offer omnichannel shopping alternatives so their customers have a choice about how to browse and buy their products. For our client Grange, this applies to their big-ticket garden items such as arbours, as consumers like to see these items in the flesh before they then purchase online. So we’ve been putting this knowledge to the test with our strategy for Grange’s new website and consumer brochure projects and now they’re super on trend thanks to our advice. Here’s how we helped them…

We noticed that retailers were launching software that allows consumers to visualise how the room will look before purchasing an item, such as IKEA’s ‘try before you buy’ furniture app. What’s more, with Mintel expecting “the majority of shoppers to use online resources when choosing for their homes”, we thought this could apply to the garden too. So, when working on Grange’s new website, we wanted to include this software as a key feature. The interactive ‘My Garden’ feature allows consumers to place Grange products into a photograph of their own garden to visualise how it could look.

Grange new website tablet close-up

Another trend we’d heard about from Mintel and Scarlet Opus was retailers investing in enhanced ‘Instagram worthy’ images and glossy consumer brochures. So when Grange came to us for help with a new consumer brochure, we incorporated our learnings into the consumer-friendly brochure design and lifestyle photography, from creative development to art direction and even sourcing props and styling products for photoshoots.

grange contemporary

So it’s fair to say we’ve helped turn Grange into real trendsetters thanks to our industry insights. Last month we visited GLEE to brush up on what are set to be the top trends for the garden next year. Watch this space to see what we thought!

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