Brookes & Co makes first National Home Improvement Week a huge success

Brookes & Co makes first National Home Improvement Week a huge success
It’s time to crack open the fizz again at the Brookes & Co office as we are celebrating the success of the first National Home Improvement Week campaign.

If you missed our blog post at the end of last year, BHETA (British Home Enhancement Trade Association) appointed Brookes & Co to oversee the communications for their new marketing campaign, National Home Improvement Week, to encourage consumers to love the home they live in and take on home improvement projects, big and small. Since then, our team has been hard at work trying to gain as much trade, consumer and national press coverage, engaging with bloggers and industry influencers and coordinating the social media channels.

So, in the form of this snazzy infographic, we thought we’d show you a breakdown of all the coverage achieved throughout the run up and duration of National Home Improvement Week.

National Home Improvement Week Coverage Infographic

Commenting on the campaign, Paul Grinsell, DIY & Home Improvement Executive Director at BHETA, said: “We are delighted with the mammoth effort the team at Brookes & Co put in to make the first National Home Improvement Week a success. With the social media campaign achieving a total reach of over 188,000 the PR campaign gaining coverage worth over £1,250,000 and a total audience reach of almost 11 million, Brookes & Co helped us to inspire and re-engage millions of consumers with home improvement. The team went above and beyond to launch this exciting industry sector campaign and its fair to say that all their hard work paid off. We’re looking forward to working with them for year two and beyond!”

Thanks Paul, we’re all feeling pretty proud of ourselves. Now it’s time to get our thinking hats back on and start planning for the 2019 campaign!

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