Brookes promotes major national competition on behalf of V33

Brookes promotes major national competition on behalf of V33

Here at Brookes we’re in the throes of promoting a major nationwide competition on behalf of our client, V33. The company is offering a Nissan Micra to the jammy winner and ten B&Q vouchers each worth £50.

To enter, all people have to do is buy any V33 product at B&Q and fill in an entry form. Easy peasy! In addition, there’s the chance to play an online scratch card game. If, when revealed, the card carries 3 of the same product it means an instant win of a £10 B&Q voucher.

We’re all over social media to get the message out there to anyone who might be interested in buying V33 products. That means people who are transforming their living spaces. We’re talking premium, long-lasting paints for floor to ceiling interior surfaces and outdoor decking plus wood care products for exterior timbers.

So, if you’re feeling lucky, are in need of some professional standard products at DIY prices, why not enter V33’s competition. The competition closes at midnight on 5th November. T&Cs apply. You can find out all about it at

Of course, if you have a competition that’s in need of promotion do get in touch with us. Whether it’s aimed at consumers or a niche trade audience we’d love to help.

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