Brookes uses Liberon Oil to make students shine

Brookes uses Liberon Oil to make students shine

Here at Brookes we love it when a plan comes together that puts our clients in the spotlight. One such example is when Liberon said it’d be keen to promote its Superior Danish Oil to students and we thought, ‘time for a competition’.

Liberon is the UK’s leading woodcare expert. The company knows that if it can get woodworkers using its products while they’re just starting out, there’s every chance this will generate brand loyalty as they go forwards in their careers. Hence the decision to promote to students as part of a range of PR and other marketing initiatives.

We recommended running a pilot carpentry and joinery competition with Burton & South Derbyshire College with a view to rolling out the initiative if successful. Brookes called on learners on the college’s City & Guilds Bench Joinery course to design, build and finish a side table, using Liberon’s Superior Danish Oil.

Brookes handled the entire competition project and captured photography and video footage for print and online press coverage. Needless to say, the content was ideal for Liberon’s and the college’s social media channels.

Teams of three were given fifteen teaching hours in total to complete the project. The winning team came up with the idea to use birch plywood to form an eye-catching 4-panel upper surface for their minimalist-style table, making use of the grain direction of the timber in order to define the panels. A mix of straight-grain and cross-grain panels resulted in a stunning but simple effect, bordered by European oak, which was also used for the table’s legs.

Richard Bradley, Marketing Manager at Liberon, said:

“The table designs were fabulous – a real testament to the skills of the students. We’d like to congratulate the winning team, and wish all the students on the course the best of luck in their future carpentry and joinery careers.”

Course leader, Ian Vanes-Jones added:

“All the students should be very proud of what they achieved in this competition. Being put in a team and asked to design, build and finish a project within a tight time frame has brought out the best in them. The whole process is useful training for real-world, commercial activity. I’ve always been a strong advocate of Liberon’s Superior Danish Oil, which really brings out the beauty of wood, but this competition has highlighted its attributes even more.”

The side table entries were judged by staff at the college, and the three members of the winning team each won a £25 Amazon voucher provided by Liberon.

If you have a product or service you think would benefit from promotion through a competition, do get in touch with us and we’ll give you some ideas on how to move it forwards.

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