How the connected home is changing the way we live

How the connected home is changing the way we live
We’ve all done it; driving off somewhere then worrying—did we lock the door? Is the heating off? Are those hair straighteners about to burn a hole in the bedroom carpet?! It’s a horrible feeling which can often spoil a good night out. However, with the advent of the connected home, this could all be a thing of the past! Never ones to shy away from the new and relatively unexplored, we’ve pulled together our top reasons for getting connected.

A hot new trend

Perhaps one of the first devices most people think of when they hear ‘smart home technology’ is smart energy. Enabling us all to save on those dreaded energy bills, smart thermostats are replacing old heating systems nationwide.

Smart security

There’s nothing worse than coming home to find evidence of a break in. Fortunately, advances in smart security mean that, in the event of suspicious activity, you will be automatically alerted to the situation via your phone, allowing you to respond immediately even if you’re out of the country.

No more keys!

Rather than fumbling in bags and under plant pots for bulky key chains, smart technology is taking away the effort and inconvenience of using a key (which you’ve probably gone and forgotten anyway…) by automatically unlocking your front door as soon as you’re within reach. Our techsavvy client, ERA is well on the way to launching its new ‘Touch Key’, which will enable the homeowner to access the property without even having to take their smart phone out of their pocket. Perfect for when you’ve got your hands full. With the connected home trend now progressing at full speed, companies are looking into ways to combine smart devices into one super connected hub. It won’t be too long before we can open the door, switch on the lights, turn on the heating, flip the kettle into action, and pull up our favourite film on TV….All before we’ve even got out the car! If we can do all this AND be able to switch off our straighteners, then consider us sold.

Stats from Mintel

With over half of consumers expressing a desire to be better connected in the home, it’s clear that the rise in smart technology is having a huge impact on our living habits…

80% of adults in the UK own a smart phone.

¹/³ of UK consumers have a smart TV in their home.

58% of UK consumers cite the top reason for interest in the connected home is to reduce energy bills.

42% of those interested in a smarter home enjoy experimenting with new technology.

5 times as many people are interested in owning a smart smoke detector or heating appliance as the number who own one today.

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