Sam’s Staffordshire University student grabs Gold Award at Creative Conscience Awards

Sam’s Staffordshire University student grabs Gold Award at Creative Conscience Awards

Here at Brookes HQ we are firm believers that it’s ‘the taking part that counts’ but it doesn’t half make us smile when winning is the outcome of participation. Especially when it’s something that could make a real difference in the world we live in.

One of Sam’s brilliant Staffordshire University students took home a Gold Award at this week’s Creative Conscience Awards held in London at AMV BBDO’s offices. Rob Wellings, graduating with a First Class Honours Degree, was smiling from ear to ear when his submitted ‘UniCap’ project work was awarded with Gold and Sam was in the audience beaming with pride like a Cheshire Cat.

Sam says: “It was a truly inspiring evening with a wonderful bunch of creative individuals eager to work together as a community to help create change in the world we live in. Chrissy Levett’s empathic speech fiercely reminded us of the fact more often than not we love products and use people. In my role as an educator, I can make a contribution to change. The students get involved with Creative Conscience because it offers them the opportunity to make a change in what matters to them. Yes, winning is important but what echoed throughout the evening was collaboration, community change, networking and feeling good about their creative role as changemakers.”

Creative Conscience is a global movement that improves the communities that we live and work in, helping to transform the wider world. The Awards welcome projects by students and graduates from any creative discipline and offers the opportunity for the applicant to push their curiosity and create the change that they want to see in the world. It encourages creatives to become the changemakers the world needs.

Rob’s project, UniCap, is a system that aims to reduce coffee cup waste on campus by uniting coffee shops to provide and maintain reusable coffee cups for students and staff, so all they need to carry with them is their UniCap lid. UniCap is a system blueprint that can be implemented by universities nationwide so that students can all do their part to help the environment. Rob is currently working with the Students Union at Staffordshire University to potentially implement the system, and the Founder of Creative Conscience, Chrissy Levett, is keen to roll this out nationwide.

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