Maximising sales – efficiency is the key factor for consumers

Maximising sales – efficiency is the key factor for consumers
When it comes to maximising sales in the garden sector, it seems retailers should dwell less on whether online or offline is important. Instead, retailers should focus on how to make the buying experience as smooth and efficient as possible for the consumer.

We still like to garden

Figures from the latest GfK research reveal that improving our outdoor space is the third most popular lifestyle aspiration for consumers, behind increasing storage space and improving indoor dimensions and layout. This can only be good news for the garden sector. But how best to take advantage of this appetite for spending money on the garden and maximise sales?

Don’t keep the customer hanging around

Traditionally, the sales and marketing approach has been all about the consumer’s in-store experience, the appeal of the retail environment as a destination and keeping the customer on the premises for as long as possible. As a means of counteracting the steady march of online shopping this approach may have been understandable. However, according to GfK, keeping customers on site for longer may not be the best way to maximise sales. In fact, treating online and offline sales as two opposing channels is not a true reflection of consumer activity. Researching in-store, buying online and vice versa are being increasingly replaced by a more sophisticated combination of both channels, driven by smart phone usage.

Make it quick and easy

The GfK research indicates that, just as it is true that the fewer clicks required, the more the consumer spends online, it is also true that the faster the ‘bricks and mortar’ customer is able to shop, the more they spend in-store too. According to GfK, the key to maximising sales values is improving the efficiency of the ‘trip’ be that online or offline, so that the entire purchase experience is seamless, simple and speedy.