Exclusively Housewares 2017 – what’s on trend for 2018?

Exclusively Housewares 2017 – what’s on trend for 2018?
Exclusively Housewares 2017 exhibition, the housewares industry’s biggest show, was back last week. With BHETA sponsoring a number of the show’s key ‘on trend’ features, and with our forward-thinking client Creative Products exhibiting during the event, the Brookes team was not going to miss one of our favourite exhibitions.

Twinned with sister show Exclusively Electrical, Exclusively Housewares saw 150 houseware, tableware and SDA suppliers representing over 400 brands flock to the Business Design Centre in London to give visitors a sneak peek at next season’s hottest products. With an impressive line-up of speakers sponsored by BHETA, guided ‘Trend Tours’ from Scarlet Opus and live demonstrations of innovative products at the new ‘Tomorrow’s Kitchen’ display area, visitors would have been hard pressed not to find a new product to lust after.

With Trend Translator Phil Pond and the rest of the Scarlet Opus team in attendance, we could not miss out on getting the low down of the hottest homeware trends for 2018 from the UK’s top trend forecasters. Phil gave us a fascinating insight into the top three consumer design trends for next year, as well as a ‘Trend Tour’ to give us sneak peeks of 2018’s must have products.

It would be selfish for us to keep all this to ourselves, so to help you stay bang on trend, here are the top three trends for 2018…

Homeland—a return to the handmade

Christmas will see us return to our roots, with the ‘Homeland’ trend emerging from international commemorations for the First World War centenary from 2014 to 2018.

Deeply entrenched in history, Autumn/Winter 2017/18 will see housewares return to the handcrafted era, with products reflecting our ever-growing desire to have something made with a human touch rather than products that are mass produced. The Homeland trend is about more than just the product though, the process is just as important. It seems we’re all wanting to slow things down and appreciate the craftsmanship of the finished article. We were particularly impressed by coffee connoisseurs, Brewed by Hand who take things back to basics when it comes to pouring the perfect cup (and the ideal caffeine fix for those of us who were slightly flagging after an afternoon at the show!)

Brewed-by-Hand—homeland trend

Brewed-by-Hand—Homeland trend

Echoing back to the war, colour palettes will have a strong sense of connection with nature. Deep, dark and natural forest colours and earthy tones, as seen in Denby’s ‘Studio Craft’ collection, will dominate houseware products, along with a catalogue of green shades. Specifically for Christmas, frosted blue colours will be introduced to give products cold, misty, Nordic undertones.

Woods, concretes and slates will be key to this trend, giving products a raw, natural appearance to make them feel handmade. Natural leathers, suedes and linens will also be added to the mix, to give products a comforting, familiar look and feel.

Urban Planet—predicting the future

Inspired by our fascination with space and paving the way for future habitation of other planets, the ‘Urban Planet’ is set to be a big trend for Spring/Summer 2018.

If a sci-fi home does not sound like your cup of tea, there is no need to worry; you can still rock this trend! Homewares will be modern and stylish, with a focus on impeccable product design. Products will have an architectural, urban, futuristic look, and we may see a prominence of housewares that have been designed to look light in weight but feel substantial when picked up and held.

A metallic colour palette will see golds getting lighter in tone while the currently in vogue rose-gold tones will be significantly darker and more intense. Pale shades of pink will be paired next to greys and blues to create a contemporary sophistication, and products with pearlescent, iridescent and glitter-effect finishes, as seen in LSA International’s ‘Pearl’ glassware collection, will take centre stage.

LSA International Pearl glassware Urban Planet trend

LSA International Pearl glassware Urban Planet trend

Botanical Oasis—natural serenity

2018 will see a greater presence of nature in our homes, with housewares taking a relaxed, laid back mood in order to create a real sense of wellbeing in the home and garden.

The ‘Botanical Oasis’ trend will see an emergence of natural, earthy pigments of urban browns, pinks, red and terracotta tones, as are beautifully presented in Fairmont & Main’s stunning ‘Origins’ and ‘Raw’ pottery collections. We will also mix in dazzling bright colour palettes of lush, botanical greens and ocean blues together, or cactus bloom pink (never mix the two – a big houseware faux pas!).

Botanical Oasis trend

Botanical Oasis trend

Products made from organic, sustainable materials, including wood, cork and bamboo, will bring natural rusticity to the home and there will be a focus on the contradiction of products that look old and natural but with high engineering. These will be united with big leaf prints and bold, simple patterns in the botanical colour palettes, to create a stylish simplicity.

As well as bringing the lush outdoors into the house, this trend also puts an emphasis on outdoor living. We will be encouraged to start treating our gardens as an extension of our homes by taking the quality and comfort of the home into the great outdoors. Treating the garden as another ‘room’ by adding comforting textiles and cushions and accessorising with simple candles is something we have been talking about here at Brookes, particularly with our client Grange and their range of garden structures and fencing. How on trend are we?!

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