Five of the hottest house trends for 2022

Five of the hottest house trends for 2022

With spring around the corner, many of us might start to tackle those decorating and DIY jobs. After the pandemic saw people spending more time at home than usual, many people tried their hand at interior design to channel their creative energy or just to forge a safe space to lockdown in. Whether it’s giving your bedroom a complete overhaul, or just changing some simple things to give your living room a new aesthetic, we’ve been searching for the latest trends that will help you make your home look even more stylish. Here are five of our favourites this year:

Your Very Own Eden

After over a year of being locked down at home, people are looking to bring the outside inside. With plants known to reduce stress and anxiety, they are easy and low-cost to incorporate into a calming environment. The use of natural lighting has also been popular, providing a much-needed connection to nature and the outdoors.

Natural surfaces are also becoming more fashionable and the use of stoneware, marble and terracotta is one of the new trends for homeware from countertops to coffee tables. You can also play around with the depth and textures to create something unique.

Curvalicious Silhouettes

More and more people are moving away from the sharp lines of mid-century modern furniture and embracing curves instead. From chairs and sofas, to cabinets and surfaces, sharp corners are giving way to softer ones. Curved edges subconsciously give off a safer, more welcoming feeling which has seen their popularity grow following the pandemic.

Bold art is another trend that’s been rising steadily in the last few years and many people are using furniture as statement art pieces. With softer curves, it’s easy to strike an effortless balance between big, bold colours and larger pieces of furniture without overcrowding a room.

Sustainability is the New Sexy

Sustainability has quickly become one of the biggest issues for everyone and many designers are trying to use materials that will benefit the long-term health of our environment and help people create a lasting style. There are many conscious ranges to choose from and this is one trend that is going to last into the coming years.

This has led to the increased popularity of reclaimed and recycled furniture as a bigger exposure to the climate change crisis has driven people away from the ‘buy it and throw it away’ attitude. However, in addition to making more conscious choices, smart technology is also on the rise with people actively trying to reduce their carbon footprints.

Keeping Traditions Alive

2022 is the year traditional details will make a big comeback. With so much change in the world in the past few years, people have been seeking a sense of comfort or even nostalgia to try to keep those negative vibes at bay. In keeping with our roots and familiarity of what home was like when we were all growing up, we can expect to see the return of English roll arm sofas, wingback chairs and antique-style furniture.

Bringing Back Bold

Expect to see bolder colours and patterns over the next couple of years as neutrals start to fade back out. Even as people start to experiment with colour again, the palettes will still reflect hues found in nature as people seek to bring the outside inside, and shades of green and brown are predicted as the favourites.

Patterns reminiscent of the 60s and 70s have also seen a rise in popularity and floral still remains one of the top trends even now. A floral wallpaper will allow you to bring several bright colours into the fold if you don’t want to commit to just one colour.

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