Flower Power

Flower Power
At Brookes & Co, our roots are firmly planted in the garden sector and this month, in the lead up to the myriad of annual summer exhibitions, we’re in full bloom. In all the hard work and chaos that inevitably ensues at this time of year, we paused to consider a most pertinent question… if the Brookes team were flowers, what would we be? It’s safe to say there’s no shrinking violets in our office!

Client Services Director, Michele Rastall

‘For me, there’s nothing more beautiful than the British springtime. With this in mind, I would love to be the perfect centrepiece to this season, a bright and colourful bunch of tulips…preferably pink!

Account Director, Michele Wilson

‘I’d have to be a daisy. I love the way they look so simple and innocent on the surface but if you take a closer look, there’s a lot more to them than first meets the eye!

Managing Director, Kate

I think I’d be a Delphinium. Always one to stand out in the crowd, these bright blue beauties are my favourite summer flowers and I look forward to spotting them every year at Chelsea.

Print & Web Designer, Rob

Perhaps I would be a frangipani; the smell always reminds me of laid back holidays and they were also the flowers my wife and I had for our wedding…how could I possibly choose anything else?!

Intern, Beth

If I was a flower, I’d have to be a cyclamen. These pretty winter flowers can’t hack the sun and, quite frankly, neither can I!

Account Director, Sam

I would definitely be a bright, sunny buttercup! It’s compact, like me and always pops up when the sun shines!

Financial Coordinator, Caroline

The only flower I could possibly be would be a Lily as they’ve been a huge part of my life for a long time. We had them at our wedding and I’ve even named my daughter Lily, so they’re definitely a firm favourite for me!

Account Executive, Tiffany

With my pale skin I could only be an English rose! A true old romantic, this traditional, cottage garden staple has me down to a T!
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