Garden trends for 2018 – What’s hot and what’s not!

Garden trends for 2018 – What’s hot and what’s not!
Autumn has officially arrived and as the weather gets cooler, we’re already thinking about what might be in store spring/summer 2018. So, as your trusty garden experts, we thought we’d get ahead of the game and delve into what are likely to be the key garden trends for 2018. We’ve had a look at the latest Mintel research on garden product retailing (Garden Product Retailing – UK. Mintel, May 2017) and had a chat with some of our style savvy clients to give you the lowdown on our predictions for the top garden trends for 2018.

Long live outdoor living!

Mintel predicts that consumer spending on garden products is set to continue to grow by 22% to reach £7 billion in 2021. This market growth is being helped by the trend to use the garden for leisure and entertaining and the trend for outdoor living. Shoppers are reportedly most interested in possibilities for their outdoor seating and entertaining areas and ‘outdoor kitchens’ in the garden so alfresco living looks set to continue to be one of the key garden trends for 2018.

When we last caught up with our client ERA, the UK’s home security specialist, the team told us they’d seen a huge rise in the number of properties with bi-folding patio doors. It looks like more of us are jumping on the outdoor living trend by blurring the boundaries between our indoor and outdoor spaces to create a natural flow between the home and the garden.

Scandi-style is here to stay!

It’s not only ERA who are seeing the impact of the trend for outdoor living. Grange, the UK’s leading fencing and garden structures distributor, has been benefitting from the trend and has seen an increased consumer interest in stylish garden buildings. We are currently working with Grange on the company’s exciting new brochure, inspired by outdoor living, so we’ve been working on bringing the comfort of the home into the garden to accessorise decorative structures. Not only that, with Mintel reporting that the minimalistic Scandinavian style is here to stay, we’ve been having a great time sourcing accessories to achieve a chic, Scandi-style look.

Get ready to upcycle!

Despite the rise in garden structure sales, getting your garden looking as good as any other room in your house does not necessarily require you to spend on new fencing or garden furniture if you have it already. Our lovely client V33, the fresh thinking paint specialist, has been reporting an increase in the number of consumers upcycling their old garden furniture with the company’s long-lasting renovation paint, to give it a new lease of life. So, there’s no need to replace that worn out wooden bench just yet! Our clients at V33 also gave us a fascinating insight into the latest colour trends that are set to stick around well into 2018. Stylish greys and natural tones make up a significant part of the company’s colour range, contrasted with pops of bright colours such as the striking ‘Sixties Orange’ and ‘Fresh Fig’.

How does your garden grow?

Another of the key garden trends for 2018 is a change in the ‘grow your own’ movement. With an interest in organic foods and clean eating taking off, and the influence of health bloggers, particularly among millennials, more of us are taking to our trowels and having a go at growing our own fruit and veg. But, with Mintel reporting that 13% of UK homes don’t have the luxury of an outdoor space, many of us, particularly millennials on the rental market, are without a garden to grow in. Therefore, savvy garden retailers are looking at other ways to get us growing. Our forward-thinking friends at Eden Horticulture are predicting that hydroponics systems will soon become a key part of the modern kitchen and are paving the way to get these systems into the mainstream. This is something we are seeing creep into the consumer market already, with IKEA’s range of indoor gardening products. Maybe it’s time to invest in your own cultivator and get some herbs growing in your kitchen?! If you’re thinking of giving indoor growing a go, Loyal Gardener have put together this handy guide on how to grow nearly every vegetable you can think of indoors!

Time to take it easy!

We’ve looked at what’s hot so now onto what’s not going to be making the list of the key garden trends for 2018. Encouragingly, it looks like it’s time to relax! Long gone are the days of spending lots of time and money to ensure the garden is Stepford Wife perfect. Re-wilding has been highlighted as a key trend at Glee this year so we’re predicting that 2018 will be the time to loosen up on our strict garden maintenance routines and let nature take over. If we’re right on this one, certain members of the Brookes & Co team (naming no names…) are one step ahead with their somewhat ‘naturalistic’ attitudes to gardening!

It looks like we can continue to relax as hand-powered lawn mowers make it to our ‘not hot’ list. With smart technology taking over our homes, we’re also seeing it take over our gardens too with the introduction of new smart mowers. These robot-like mowers can be programmed to mow an area of your lawn and then left to get on with it. Sound great to us!

So, there you have it, our predictions of what’s hot and what’s not for the top garden trends for 2018. Here at Brookes & Co, we love our gardens so we’re thrilled that the outdoor living trend is sticking around.  As simple Swedish interior trends translate easily to the outdoors and revamping old garden furniture only takes a quick lick of paint, getting on trend for 2018 could not be easier! Looks like we’ve got plenty of time to cosy up in the garden with our Scandi-style blankets and enjoy the last of the warmer weather.

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