Garden Trends that are inspiring gardeners for 2017

Garden Trends that are inspiring gardeners for 2017
Keeping up to date with all the latest garden trends can be a tricky task. Luckily for you, Brookes & Co., has been working closely with leading garden trend forecasters to discover all the latest designs and innovations that look set to shape our gardens for 2017.

More time spent in the garden

A recent survey found that us Brits are spending more time in our own gardens than ever before. This has been attributed to the rising temperatures and financial unpredictability following the Brexit vote. With this in mind, Brookes & Co has been particularly keen to keep its finger on the pulse. The experts reveal to us the latest garden trends and innovations that are inspiring landscapers and homeowners alike.

What the garden trend experts say…

Earlier in the year, the marketing team at Exclusively Housewares invited us to an exhibition talk by garden trend forecasters, Scarlet Opus. Focusing on prevalent lifestyle habits, Scarlet Opus confirmed our suspicions that outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners.

The latest garden trends reflect that we’re all looking to make best use of our outside space. Easy to maintain gardens, beautifully bold colours and structured landscape designs are the flavour of the day. This enables us to create designated areas for eating, entertaining, relaxing etc. Think artificial grass, multi- functional outdoor furniture, rockeries and garden screens and you’re well on your way to achieving this year’s look.

Garden trends at GLEE

Over the summer, we visited GLEE (read our Glee 2016 Review), the nation’s biggest garden trade exhibition. This gave us the perfect opportunity to put our garden trends spotting skills into action. From Fallen Fruit’s bright pink artificial grass to Grange’s versatile Adjustable Slat Garden Screen, it seems that we’re not the only ones to have cottoned onto these new trends. With so many exciting new products and such innovative product developments in the pipeline, we’re looking forward to a super stylish 2017.

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