Guest post: Is email dead? Not if you keep it relevant

Guest post: Is email dead? Not if you keep it relevant

If you value your audience, don’t irritate them with emails they can’t relate to. Find out from our digital partners, Connecting Element, why you should try their modular email method for easy-to-build, super-relevant communications.

If you’re wondering if the days of email newsletters are over, think again – as 95% of marketers consider email to be fundamental to digital marketing.

And in 2016, emails sent per company increased from 1.8m to 6.3m year-on-year, so there are no signs that the channel is slowing down just yet.

However, one in 10 marketers are concerned that their emails aren’t relevant to consumers – and customers indicate similar feelings, with 50% considering deleting their account to control the flow of marketing emails they receive.

[Sources: DMA Insight: Marketer Email Tracking Study 2017 and Communicator Email benchmark report 2016.]

Trust is hard to earn, but easy to lose

Trust from your consumers is essential when growing your email database. So, why abuse this trust once you have it by sending communications that are not important to your customers?

Blanket approach? Spray and pray? Batch and blast? Whatever you call it, one size most definitely does NOT fit all.

According to recipients, the primary driver of unsubscribes is ‘your emails are not relevant to me’ – which shows relevancy to be vital in retaining loyalty.

What are modular emails?

A modular email template is a framework that breaks down email content into a variety of modules. Essentially, these are building blocks of content that allow you to tailor emails to suit individual customer needs.

In CE’s work in the hospitality industry, we’ve found this approach useful to make sure email communications are relevant to the consumers receiving them.

For example, why send a restaurant offer email to a customer who has already booked a table? But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get an email at all. They may be engaged and interested to hear what you have to say.

By excluding individual guests who have booked a table from the ‘promotion module’ but still are sent content led modules to maintain or increase engagement.

The advantages of modular emails include:

  • A future-proof email design – No need to frequently refresh templates.
  • The ability to create or add new modules with ease – For those last-minute messages that need to be added quickly, just add a module instead of rewording the whole email.
  • An opportunity to play with message priorities – Test how you build your modules and in what order, to make sure the conversion driver is in optimum position.
  • Test, test and test again – Testing content themes and messages is so much easier with modular emails. A direct comparison of two different modules in the same email could help you understand what content you should be pushing out – and to who.
  • Making things local – Have a location structure? Make things personal at a local level and avoid over-excluding outlets from dispatches
  • Complex campaigns made a little less complex – Just switch the relevant modules in or out.

Our top tips for relevant emails

  • Be clear about your objective – It’s easy to fall down a black hole of all the segmentation opportunities, especially with a modular template – but remember your primary goal and don’t overcomplicate your email strategy.
  • It’s all in the data – Review the data you have available and how this could form customer groups that will help segment your communications. It’s easy to make assumptions based on gender, age etc. However, to optimise relevancy, base your decisions on facts about your customers – along with behavioural insights.
  • Make the investment – In reality, more content is needed to create the ‘building blocks’ to support a modular framework – plus additional testing, too – but it’s well worth it. If the content is created with sustainability and segmentation in mind, cost efficiencies should follow.

Do you want to find out more about how modular emails can help you better engage with your target audience? We’d be happy to chat it through with you. Contact to discuss how your traditional marketing strategies dovetail with digital solutions.

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