Let Brookes optimise your Glee investment

Let Brookes optimise your Glee investment

Glee (Garden, Leisure, Equipment, Exhibition) is the UK’s most valuable garden and outdoor living trade show, showcasing the freshest and most exciting brands, amazing new products and inspiring garden retail insights. The GLEE show is on at the NEC Sept 10–12th. If you’re exhibiting there and could use a bit of last minute extra support in making the most of your investment, then let Brookes & Co help. With ten years’ experience of supporting clients at the show we’re well placed to be able to lend a professional and knowledgeable helping hand.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of exhibiting at the show, let’s first of all have a look at some of the key drivers currently shaping the gardening market. No one would say that things are standing still, that’s for sure.

According to Mintel’s Garden Products Retailing UK June 2019 report Consumer spending on gardening goods rose by 3.1% in 2018 and is forecast to rise by a further 2.2% in 2019. Market growth will be 20% between 2019–2024, reaching £7.5 billion. Recently we’ve seen expansion of The Range; B&M has been expanding its range of large surface stores with outdoor garden centres. We continue to see the break-up of Wyvale; Dobbies is now the largest of the garden centre chains; Hilco has purchased Homebase; B&Q opened its ‘GoodHome’ pilot ‘local home improvement store’; and reports continue to come in on the upsurge in initiatives by retailers to reduce their environmental impact. The ability to provide gardening accessibility to novice gardeners continues to have an influence on the retail landscape. In addition, the theme of ‘creating outdoor rooms’ such as outdoor kitchens or outdoor sitting rooms is still dominant.

Some of the key insights from the same Mintel report make for fascinating reading. Did you know that:

  • 1 in 5 British households live in privately rented property
  • 50% of private renters say that gardening is not one of their favourite pastimes

One of the key challenges for all those involved in the gardening sector is to tap into the rental market and encourage renters to bring gardening into their lives. Examples of this might include encouraging healthy eating through ‘grow your own’ produce. Ready-planted pots/kits are ideal for this scenario.

The same report is also highlighting the consumer trend towards products and services that ‘help me help myself’. This trend sits nicely with one of Glee’s own themes: ‘services that serve’. In other words, facilitating convenience in the retail experience.

It’s worth tapping into the show’s themes. Have you got products that promote gardening as a healthy/feel good activity? Are you promoting the environmental credentials of your products to good effect? How about the whole issue of limited gardening space and ‘grow your own’? What you need is an agency who has access to the requisite specialist research who can put an effective communications action plan into place for you.

From first class media relations, content creation, artwork generation through to event support, Brookes & Co has got it covered. From ensuring you’re in the requisite Glee previews to getting press to your stand and devising those PR activities that will get you noticed, Brookes should be your first port of call.

Don’t leave it to chance. Make the most of an agency with a great pedigree in the gardening and home improvement sector. And we’re fun to work with too!

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