Value for money – marketing support for Creative Products

Value for money – marketing support for Creative Products
Marketing support covers a multitude of disciplines: PR, Design, Advertising, Promotions, Exhibitions, Web – the list is endless. For many companies, employing the calibre and quantity of people to perform and execute this range of specialist tasks is, at best, a compromise and, in many cases, not justifiable.

Dip in and cherry pick

At Brookes & Co, many of our clients use us as their own ‘in-house’ marketing department, making use of our broad range of marketing skills as and when appropriate. Take our client, Creative Products for example. They offer innovative and inspirational kitchen, garden, DIY and houseware utensils and gadgets which they merchandise in a unique way using in-store TV to inspire and inform consumers.

Creative Products felt they needed some marketing support and asked us to help them increase their profile. So, for Spring Fair this year, we created and produced a series of personalised postcards with eye-catching messages aimed at key buyers to encourage them to visit the Creative Products stand. We also organised a number of editor meetings with the trade press at Spring Fair resulting in some excellent coverage. We will be helping Creative Products with their marketing at Exclusively, GLEE and Autumn Fair as well this year. What’s more, they have recently asked us to manage their trade media budget too.

Accessing our range of expertise

This means we have helped Creative Products with direct mail, PR, exhibitions, and advertising this year so far. According to Operations Director, Richard Booker,

With Brookes & Co, I can access a level and diversity of marketing support for far less than employing an in-house marketing professional.

We are very proud of the depth and quality of our marketing skills here at Brookes & Co. We have always known we offer good value for money, but it’s very satisfying to hear our clients say so too.