How to make the most of National Children’s Gardening Week

How to make the most of National Children’s Gardening Week
As we discussed on the blog last autumn, getting kids gardening is a current hot topic for garden retailers. With National Children’s Gardening Week fast approaching, garden retailers and garden centres are getting involved in this popular campaign.

Running from 26th May to 3rd June, National Children’s Gardening Week aims to get children involved in gardening, whether it’s growing their own plants and veggies, or just spending more time away from TV and iPad screens and more time enjoying the great outdoors. Now in its fourth year, the popular campaign presents plenty of opportunities for garden centres and garden product retailers to get involved.

Competition time

National Children’s Gardening Week coincides with the May half term so there will be plenty of parents looking for fun activities to keep their children entertained throughout the week. Hold competitions and activities for children instore to get involved. If you’re holding an event, make sure you inform National Children’s Gardening Week and they’ll promote your event on their website.

Get social

There’s plenty of social media activity already underway so make sure you get involved in the conversation online. Whether you’re running some activities in store, holding an online giveaway or promoting products that would be great for kids, make sure you tag the National Children’s Gardening Week Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and use the hashtag #NCGW.

Fundraising fun

As a supporter of Greenfingers Charity, National Children’s Gardening Week is encouraging families and colleagues in the garden industry to get behind the charity. Why not get involved by running some fundraising events, whether it be internal sponsored challenges with your colleagues, or in-store fundraising.

However you choose to get involved, don’t forget to head to the National Children’s Gardening Week website to download free resources to advertise your events, competitions or fundraising campaigns.

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