Is your PR agency a specialist in the built environment and with builders’ merchants?

Is your PR agency a specialist in the built environment and with builders’ merchants?
Does your business lie in the built environment with builders’ merchants forming your main target market? If you’re looking to grow your business it makes sense to work with an agency whose specialism lies in this area, and who thoroughly understands how to engage with the audience to create an excellent return on your investment.

With staff who have over thirty years’ experience in crafting campaigns targeting the builders’ merchant market, Brookes & Co has forged a reputation for providing an intelligent approach. Time after time our friendly team delivers a clever combination of the marketing mix, from media relations and press briefings through to social media, strategic planning, digital content provision, design and artwork, exhibition support and video production. From producing one-off infographics to building a full website, we’ve done it all. We’re fun to work with but passionate about ensuring a first-class service.

No wonder Paul Davies, the Editor of ‘Professional Builders’ Merchant’ has this to say about us:

“I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Brookes & Co.”

Here are our top tips for devising a credible and value for money campaign in the builders’ merchants arena:

  • Ensure that any marketing strategy dovetails neatly into your overall corporate strategy and don’t be tempted to deviate from this plan
  • Use your agency to cultivate strong relationships with the builders’ merchant trade press
  • Find out what benefits are to be had from joining the Builders’ Merchants Federation
  • Keep abreast of the issues affecting builders’ merchants and ensure your campaign is agile enough to be able to tackle relevant news as it arises, particularly on social media platforms
  • Remember the top topics that will always be of interest to builders’ merchants and ensure these topics form the core of your campaign. These are: optimising profit margins, delivery reliability, product quality and display/point of sale support.
  • Ensure that your promotions, artwork, advertising, digital content and media relations work are tailored to the requirements of the builders’ merchant audience specifically. Many companies make the mistake of blurring the lines between retail messaging and trade stockist messaging and the two areas are distinctly separate.

We are based in the Midlands, and are the only full service agency specialising in the built environment and garden sectors. We’d love to have a chat with you, so get in touch on 01889  598600 or email In the meantime have a look at a builders’ merchant case study featuring the work we have done recently for Grange Fencing in our Portfolio section.

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