Success for Sam’s Staffordshire University students

Success for Sam’s Staffordshire University students

When she’s not lecturing us back at the office, our chatty Account Director Sam is taking her role as Associate Lecturer for BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Management at Staffordshire University very seriously.

The latest student cohort proudly displayed their accumulation of three years of work at the Art and Design Degree Show which opened to VIPs on Friday 31st May and stays open to the public until Sunday 9th June. If you’re on the look-out for the latest talent to join our creative industry then we’d recommend that you visit the show at Staffordshire University to view work from animation, illustration, graphic design, photography, advertising and brand management. We promise it would be worthy of an hour of your time.

Sam has taken the lead on the Advertising and Brand Management Degree, sharing her marketing communications expertise and introducing the students to the world of real work through collaborations with our clients and industry partners.

Commenting on the degree, Sam said:

“Supplementing classroom theory with industry practice ensures that the students are work ready. This year’s cohort have made me super proud. Not only did they deliver an excellent degree show but three of the students have been awarded with industry creative awards from YCN and Creative Conscience.

Award winners

In addition to their outstanding degree show, three of her Staffordshire University students have recently won creative awards and will be picking up their trophies at the associated glamorous events in London this summer.

Rob Wellings has won a Creative Conscience Award and Sam will be accompanying Rob at this year’s awards ceremony at AMV BBDO in July.  With entries from over a thousand young creatives, representing more than 65 nations, it goes without saying that Rob is one to watch. We are confident that he’ll be snaffled up before the summer is out.

Ryan Delves and Laura Edwards were also smiling this week with their nominations for their work with Artisan Drinks Company and will be following in Rob’s footsteps when they collect their YCN Awards in September 2019.

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