Autumn Fair proves hugely successful for Brookes & Co

Autumn Fair proves hugely successful for Brookes & Co

Brookes & Co was thrilled to attend the Autumn Fair, which took place at the Birmingham NEC in September 2022.

Showcasing some of the biggest names in home and giftware, the Autumn Fair was host to over 600 exhibitors under one enormous roof. It seemed a little daunting to walk into such a huge arena and not know where to start, but the show swept you in so quickly that you actually enjoyed the charm of just wandering around and getting lost between the stalls. The show exceeded expectations with its careful organisation, informative seminars and variety of exhibitors.

The popularity of the show was clear to see, as was the diversity of both the exhibitors and the attendees. Among the crowds, you could easily pick out queues as buyers lined up to place orders, resulting in massive success for the show. After a prolonged lockdown, the energy was electric as the industry came back together, with people enjoying face to face meetings and being able to see products for themselves.

As brands gathered in front of buyers and the media, key trends began to emerge for the coming months. With natural toned homeware, soft-edged furniture and statement lighting carrying through from the tail end of 2021, these trends were seen in many exhibits around the centre and are very clearly here to stay for the foreseeable future.

One of the most popular sections was Home, Living & Décor, which caused a buzz as people gathered to see the latest in furniture, homeware and statement décor. With local British brands as well as textiles, accessories and ethnic style homeware from India, China, Zimbabwe and beyond, consumers had endless options to mix and match from. One thing to note was the fair’s dedication to supporting ethical brands. Sustainable furniture is one of the hottest trends right now as more and more people try to adopt an ethical way of life, so having these brands highlighted was a nice touch.

With such a hugely successful return after lockdown, preparations are already underway for the Autumn Fair 2023, which Brookes & Co will only be delighted to visit.


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