The low down—insights into the DIY & home sector

The low down—insights into the DIY & home sector
Always keen to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to the DIY & home sector, we’ve sourced some of the most interesting facts and figures from the likes of consumer research giants, Mintel and Warc. Take note now and stay ahead of the crowd in 2017.

DIY & home sector

Consumer research group Mintel predict that spending on the home will grow by 3% year on year (Consumer trends, attitudes & spending on the home. Mintel, 2016). With the nation’s current financial turbulence, it seems like most of us are choosing to improve rather than move home… Great news for the home enhancement sector!

Trends in 2017

In Summer 2016, Brookes & Co heard from UK trend forecasters, Scarlet Opus about the latest interior trends for the coming year. Key ideas for 2017 include ‘Privacy’, a concept based on the nation’s desire to ‘regain control’ of our lives, away from the exposure of ever intrusive social media platforms. Products and services which have been designed to conceal and blur and which offer a sense of ‘social solitude’ are set to be a hit this year…you’ll find us under our duvets!

Black Friday

Research suggests that the image of Black Friday we tend to conjure up in our mind’s eye, one of pandemonium, chaos and a broken nose or two is far from the much more civilised reality! Apparently, only 34% of shoppers visit a physical store on Black Friday, with most of us preferring to sit back and scour the web for the best high street bargains (Black Friday PR Operation Impact. Warc, 2016).

Generation DIY

According to Mintel, there are four key target groups when it comes to spending on the home. Those aged 16-34, frequently referred to as Generation Y or Generation DIY, make up 37% of all spenders (Consumer trends, attitudes & spending on the home. Mintel, 2016). Known for their love of the hands-on approach and passion for knowledge sharing, retailers can capture the attention of this new wave of shoppers through the use of informative online content and offline advice and support.

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