Smart Garden – the next big thing for the busy gardener?

Smart Garden – the next big thing for the busy gardener?

The Smart Garden is being tipped as the next popular trend in the horticultural sector as time and space-starved homeowners take advantage of the ever-growing smart home technology fuelled by the ubiquitous smartphone.

Welcome to the Microgarden

A recent International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago previewed a number of potential applications. These included the concept of smart, indoor ‘microgardens’. This is where LED lighting, camera sensors and hydroculture combine to provide optimum light, water and nutrient delivery to guarantee a healthy, abundant crop. These smart garden growing kits are expected to be much in demand in the not-too-distant future. Gardeners will soon be able to ignore the unpredictable UK weather and the attentions of slugs, snails and other garden pests!

Grow your own – indoors!

With kitchen gardens and home-grown vegetables already enjoying renewed popularity, smart gardens in the home will provide an accessible alternative. Even those with busy lives trying to juggle work and family responsibilities will be able to grow their own. In fact, for many with time and garden space at a premium, the trend for indoor gardening has already started. We have already seen the emergence of hydroponic kits and growing tents. The smart garden is simply an extension of this trend.

Be prepared

Already regularly in use with commercial growers, smart technology is still in its infancy with domestic gardeners. But we think it has huge potential and could well be the ‘next big thing’ particularly with younger, tech-savvy homeowners. So, sooner rather than later, the garden industry will need to embrace this trend in order to stay one step ahead of the expected demand from consumers.

Years ago, a smart garden meant clipped hedges and striped lawns! In the future we could well be consigning lawn mowers and shears to history and our smartphones will be our gardening tool of choice. Now that is a scary thought!