Staffordshire University and Brookes in New York connection

Staffordshire University and Brookes in New York connection
Staffordshire University and Brookes & Co were recently involved in a working trip to New York and a link up with Manhattan—based creative and digital agency, Bandujo Advertising and Design—all designed to further the knowledge and experience of students looking for future careers in the advertising and marketing industry.

So, what’s the connection with Staffordshire University and Brookes & Co?

Brookes & Co account director, Sam Owen, is also an Associate Industry lecturer at Staffordshire University, where she mentors and shares her considerable industry experience with students on the BA Honours Advertising and Brand Management course.

Each year, the students undertake a ‘real life’ creative assignment and, for the past 12 years, Bandujo has provided the brief for, and the verdict on,  this important project.

Police diversity in the Big Apple

This year the brief was to devise a campaign to improve the recruitment of ethnic minorities into the NYPD and Sam, along with our client services director, Michele Rastall, accompanied the five teams of students to New York to present their creative solutions to senior staff at Bandujo. The trip was hailed a great success by Staffordshire University and the students, who got the chance to pitch their ideas to senior creative teams at one of New York’s leading advertising agencies in a ‘real life’ situation.

And the verdict?

One of the teams included Brookes & Co’s own student intern, Beth Johnson, who told us,

This kind of insight into the real creative agency world is invaluable and it has undoubtedly helped me to land a full time post with a London—based marketing agency.

Commenting on the trip, Sam said,

This was a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved and we are both delighted and proud that Brookes & Co are working with Staffordshire University to help provide course input, work experience and initiatives such as this one with Bandujo Advertising and Design.
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